MedWeb Technologies

1. Turnkey Online Brand Strategy & Implementation
2. Non-IT-Staff Managed, Social-Media Savvy Websites
3. Online Marketing Strategy Consultation
4. Online Reputation Management (ORM)
5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Turnkey Online Branding

Custom WordPress Websites Medical Practices & Professional Service Firms • Turnkey Online Brand Creation • • Online Marketing Consultation •

Custom Professional Websites

In 2016, WordPress has been the leading Content Management System (CMS) for over 10 years and now powers over 25% of the World’s Websites.

Online Marketing Consultation

Internet Marketing Strategy Consultation

1. SMM = Social Media Marketing
2. Social Capital
a. Digital Identity
b. Virtual Community

Online Reputation Management

ORM via a Social Capital Strategy
vs Astroturfing
vs Sockpuppets

Online Reputation Management (ORM) was initially intended to broaden public relations outside of media relations…

SEO is Search Engine Optimization

In 2016, Search Engine Optimization is all about Virtual Community activity via Social Media.

Google has severely deprecated old school Key Word meta tags and Links to other websites for several years.

Today, SEO is is all about “Likes”, “Tweets and Re-Tweets”, “Posts”, “Posts about Posts”, and online “Press Releases”.